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Dear Valerie,


It is very rare when you encounter a person who re-ignites/sparks the desire to LEARN.

I found that someone to be YOU. You have the knowledge, patience and ability to TEACH.

You do not give up on anyone.

I found your Computer Class a great learning experience.

It was awesome that no one gave up - everyone hung in until the end.

Can't wait for the next course!!!



M. Jones





To:   Valerie Porter, Instructor


From:   Arlene McDuffie, Student


Subject:  Brookside Senior Computer Classes ~        

  To Submit to “The Brookside Newsletter”


We are never too old to learn.


Attending computer classes helps seniors stay sharp as we age.  Free computer classes give us the opportunity to interact with each other and not stay isolated all day in our apartments.  We can continue to be as active as possible.  Also, learning the computer helps mentally. Keeping the mind sharp can help improve our balance and coordination. Working on the computer is a much better alternative to watching TV for hours.


Operating a computer is easy to some, but to others it can be a challenge.


Instructor, Valerie Porter is very knowledgeable and professional. For seniors with limited computer knowledge, she takes time to explain everything clearly and patiently. She continually asks the class if there are any questions, making sure each student understands the lesson before moving on.  She walks around the class and gives each student individual attention, when needed. We are also given helpful handouts.  The class is taught at senior citizens pace.

The training room is well equipped and the Computers are up to date.  A short, fun video is sometimes shown which makes the class friendly, relaxed and enjoyable.