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Seniors Support


We provide the following support to Senior Citizens:


      Basic Computer Training

            A program to help Seniors to use the computer. Our innovative training

           includes development of    Internet skills, basic computer skills, music and

           much more. Seniors do not feel left technologically left   behind. They regain

           their ndependence.

           There is mental and emotional healing felt thoughout the classes and the

           healing is also felt through their children and the grandchildren.

           For more information on how   we can help your seniors or for individual training,    

           please contact us.


      Social Media Training

            A program to teach how to use Facebook and Twitter as a form of

            socializing and avoiding loneliness.


     Emotional Intelligence for Seniors

            A program to help Seniors to cope with emotions such as sadness,

            loneliness, memory and attention.


     Art Therapy for Seniors

            A program to help Seniors to cope  with  issues such as illness, lack of  

            mobility and coordination.

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