Computer Training, Consulting and IT support

with Excellence, Integrity and Care


      Afstar Associates, LLC



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Core Competencies

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About Afstar



We will Improve your Business, support your Organizational or Personal needs using:

    Your Vision/Principles as a solid foundation for success

    Best Industry Tools and Techniques

    Our 50+ years of combined education and experience


We are built on three principles:


Results Driven and

Progressive Movement using a foundation of Order, 

                                                                    Organization and




People don’t care what you know; until they know how much you care.


Our mission is to establish relationships and provide quality services with excellence, integrity and care for our clients.


To be a beacon of light to veterans returning from war who need direction to facilitate the transition from war to civilian life.


To inspire, nurture and educate youth with life skills to compete in their entry market.


To assist and educate adults with new approaches and opportunities.


To bridge the gap in education, so they can pursue jobs or entrepreneurship and be an example to other youth to be the best they can be.




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