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Core Competencies

About Afstar



We are built on three principles:


Results Driven and

Progressive Movement using a foundation of:

Order, Organization and Efficiency.  


Studies have shown that learning computers can increase memory, aid in healing the body, helps with balance, helps reduce loneliness.

Afstar Associates provides innovative computer training in  an environment that nurtures happiness, patience and caring. At Afstar, we find that computer training is a tool that can be used to heal. Our training empowers our students and has shown some results which support some studies.  

Our curriculum promotes  independence, connection with the outside world through technology, communication with friends and family and fun. It is designed to make life easier. It allows you to meet new people which helps decrease loneliness.


Everyone learns differently. Therefore our students learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Our training format includes:

Classroom Study via Powerpoint/Internet

Handouts for Hands On Training

Hands on Training/Exercises







Our mission is to empower seniors and veterans who feel left behind and get them connected to the current digital blueprint to gain their independence back.


To assist and educate adults with new approaches and opportunities.



As an SBA 8a firm, we provide consulting services that will:


- Improve your Business, support your Organizational or Personal needs using:

    Your Vision/Principles as a solid foundation for success

    Best Industry Tools and Techniques

    Our 50+ years of combined education and experience